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The hand is an incredible and complex structure.

Each day, you take the time to develop better feelings.

“Technically, the wrist stability is the key for to free the fingers.

But, the wrist “suppleness” is too often taught.”

An other example of confusion : the thumb “relaxation” is often sought.

However, the thumb is the most important finger on the hand, it contributes to the stability of the wrist and the palm.

The thumb stability, fixed or mobile, offers a leeway to the other fingers.”

These confusions disrupt the hand function and favour “tendinitis” and other malfunctions.

The loss of reference points and “good” sensations are obviously very anxiety-provoking.

Becoming aware of these confusions helps the gesture optimization, the recovery and also increases the joy of playing.

A sensitive, powerful and precise hand. Free, independent and agile fingers.