Anatomie fonctionnelle

The functional pathologies of the musician are well indexed today.

– Overused Syndrome (inflammatory or not),
⁃ Nerve Compressions,
⁃ Focal Dystonia,

Other disorders as much crippling also exist (not listed as pathologies):

– Painful Contractures,
– Difficulties Concentrating, Organizing,
– Negative Stress, Anxiety of Performance

“Tendinitis” : a word improperly used which entails many confusions.

These embarrassments can be disabling.

Sometimes, the musician just does not want to share his difficulties for fear of being considered incompetent.
Breaking the deadlock becomes a daily concern at the cost of a spontaneous and nice performance.

An optimization of the gesture and the sensations in respect with the functional anatomy is the basis of the technique and the expression.
If you hear or feel the advantages of these adjustments, the changes of habits can be quickly integrated.