Marc Papillon

Coach Physio Musician

Marc Papillon specializes in the human movement analysis.

He integrates and makes connections between anatomy, the functional analysis, the design and ergonomics of the musical instrument and cognitive and behavioural tools. He applies his research conclusions to the performance, the gesture optimization and the scenic representation. He works with musicians, actors and dancers.


Marc Papillon is coaching artists who wish to optimize their skills.

In 2003, he co-founded “la Clinique du Musicien et de la Performance Musicale” (Clinic of the Musician and the Musical Performance) in Paris and today meets musicians through courses. Marc works in collaboration with musicians who have clear and specific goals: A customized physical, technical, strategic and mental preparation. He is continuing Philippe Chamagne’s work since 1998, precursor of the musician’s rehabilitation. He contributes to clinical research in the medical, scientific and pedagogic fields among artists. During individual or group sessions, he intervenes in orchestras, conservatories and universities.


Functional dystonia is the most complex pathology of the musician, he is deeply inspired by it.

The repetition and a conscious integration through the body are the fundamental tools which Marc develops day after day.

Marc shares his research through writing. His first book “La main du pianiste” (The pianist’s hand) is published in 2001, Editions Alexitère, then “La main du guitariste” (The guitarist’s hand) is published in 2011. He also co-wrote several collective works and will soon publish «Anatomie fonctionnelle du Musicien» (The musician’s functional anatomy) the first book of a long series.

Since 2011, Marc uses video recording as a medium of choice: with a catalog of more than 90 online workshops.

A simple way to carry on working throughout the world.